Q. Do you train part time?
No, I am a full time trainer. As you may have read on the “About” page, I have held other occupations and duties previously. I decided to do something different and was able to get the license to the Phoenix Metro area for Off Leash K9 Training. This allows me to train and help dogs whenever, wherever, and I can be here for you on your schedule, so let’s do this!
I also volunteer when I can at a local animal shelter.

Q. Where do you train?
We primarily conduct lessons at local parks and similar places. I want mild distractions for your dog’s lessons. We believe in real world, unpredictable distractions and work under those distractions so that your dog learns to listen under any condition. With convenience in mind, we also offer In-Home training so we can work with your dog in or around your home! I work daytime, evening, and weekends. We try our best to accommodate schedules to make things easy for our clients.

Q. My dog bites. Can you fix that?
Great question! I can make your dog obedient so that they will listen to you ahead of time. I wish I could guarantee that magically I will “Jedi wave” your pup into a new dog. Your pup is going to need constant practice. If you are considering lessons, your practice will be the major factor in how obedient your dog is. The Board&Train (B&T) option affords me time to constantly practice obedience with your dog.

Q. If I choose the Board&Train option, where does my dog go? Where will they be?
Your dog will be with me (or Chad see the “About” page for a quick bio) the entire time. Your dog will receive the full amount of training needed, a minimum of 2-3 hours a day broken up in training sessions. If I am in a lesson, your dog is crated. They will typically be with me at the lesson, conditions permitting. When I am sleeping, they are crated as well. Their time with me is a mix of training, socializing and and playing. When I have multiple dogs booked for Board&Train (B&T) each dog is given individual time as well as supervised group play and training time with the others.

Q. What is an Ecollar?
Modern day Ecollars use the same technology that you’ll find in TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machines that are used in physical therapy or chiropractic offices. Our training methods use low level stimulation which mimics that of a “tap on the shoulder” for dogs, and our results speak for themselves. Our ultimate goal is for your dog to be flawlessly obedient without stimulation from the Ecollar, with distractions, and we work with you and your dog to make that possible. The Ecollar ends up being like an invisible leash.

Q. Will an Ecollar hurt my dog or affect their personality?
Not if used properly. The ecollar is simply used as a training tool in order to communicate with your dog. There is a common misconception regarding Ecollars; they are often mistaken for “shock collars”. In the old days, inexperienced dog owners would try and use these devices in order to scare their dogs into submission. Utilizing our proven method combining positive reinforcement marker training along with an Ecollar, your dog will NEVER be “shocked into submission”. Unlike a shocking device, the Ecollar is used to get the dog’s attention and keep it focused on listening to the handler.

An untrained dog will do what it knows, and that’s typically not what we want them to do. So when we’re ready to leave the park or the tree that has their full attention, we pull and say, “Come on, let’s go.” That slight pull on the collar is exactly the equivalent we strive to match with the Ecollar.

Q. I like the idea but still don’t want an ecollar on my dog. Now what?
We do offer a pager only system that can be used earlier than the 20 week mark, and on smaller breeds if desired.20160601_094808

Q. What sets your training apart from the rest?
1. An off leash future for you and your dog with more freedom to enjoy life. Our goal is for every dog to know what it’s like to have the freedom of being a dog. We want every owner to experience the confidence, joy, and pride of having a dog that is reliable, and consistently well behaved under any level of distraction.

2. Hope for EVERY dog… ANY BREED, ANY AGE, and ANY SIZE. We don’t discriminate, Malinois, German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Pitbulls are a few of our favorite breeds. Have an aggressive dog that no one else could help you with? Have a shy dog that bites out of fear? Have a reactive dog that can’t walk down a street by another dog without going crazy? Have a hyperactive dog that can’t seem to focus on anything? Been kicked out of other obedience classes? Been told your dog is not trainable? Well, we can help! THAT is the difference. Often times we are the last resort, and last trainer! Dogs are never too old, fat, slow, or hyper to learn using our methods. Aggressive and dogs with confidence issues are our specialty. Call us! We CAN help.

Q. Do you offer group classes?
No, we do not and we never will. I have never seen a dog impress me with obedience that came from a group class. You are paying for my undivided attention… not for 10 minutes of my time while I spend the other 40-50 minutes working with other people in a class. One on one attention is one of the reasons we are able to accomplish so much in just a few short weeks.

Q. How do I book an appointment?
Call me for dates and times 888-413-0896 or email me ([email protected]) to schedule what fit your needs! Most of our clients pay via PayPal or with a credit card; however, we also accept cash or checks.images